One Small Adventure of Many to Come

On Saturday May 2, 2015, we are going to launch the first full-sized bottle of liquor into space!

A team of scientists spent two years constructing “Onyx 1”, a custom-built, weather balloon-powered space apparatus that will carry a 750 mL bottle of Onyx Moonshine and accompanying rocks glass, mounted on a silver platter 22 miles up into space. The platform has been fitted with GoPro cameras, GPS, radar deflector, deployable parachute and a protective foam casing that will safeguard the bottle upon landing in the Long Island Sound.

This is a project two years in the making. The weather and wind patterns are FINALLY looking right for launch and it is going to be an awesome adventure!

We’ve set up a dedicated page to keep people updated on the status of the launch, including weather, times and locations. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for behind-the-scenes pictures and video.


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